Hi there! Welcome to our Digital Marketing Brand. We're a Dubai based Web Design & Web Development Digital Brand that loves to craft elegant websites, Brands with purpose & 'Crowns' brands online. Our Digital Agency also offers Dubai SEO Services, Dubai Social Media Marketing, and being a full service digital agency means we're your one-off pit stop for all your digital marketing needs under one royal brand.

- "Royal Digital Brand of Dubai - Holds the Crown in Digital Marketing"


Looking for the perfect Web Design Company in Dubai? At Royal, it's all about bringing our creative web design brand to life. We're proud that we have a Digital brand that serves you, not only at a Web Design level, but we're proud of our full service digital marketing solutions which give you a one-stop solution to building your brand. 

Results always speaks volume, which is why we let our results do all the talking. We are not your typical brand; we have a personality, a quality team and we love having fun along the way. 'Good' in our books, is boring! Our ethos is to provide you not only with a service but a 'Royal experience' start to finish. From the start of your website(s) to going beyond your expectations. Our philosophy is that we're in business together so that we can win together.



  • Custom Branded Web Design
  • Mobile-Friendly Designs
  • Cross-Browser Compatibility
  • Cross-Platform Compatibility
  • SEO-Friendly Coding
  • User-Friendly Design (UX)
  • Content Management Systems
  • 5 Free Cloud Emails
  • 1 Year Free Cloud Hosting
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Free CMS Training 
  • Free Technical Support
  • Basic SEO Optimisation*


We identify your story, your identity and your business goals. We focus on listening to better understand so that we craft an immaculate website.

During the Web design process, our Professional web designers creatively design the website layout to ensure the UX and website fits the brand. We keep you informed with regular updates and ensure that you love the design before developing it!

Once the web developement stage has been completed, we initiate A/B testing to ensure the website functions and achieves your brand and business goals. You will be the first to pilot the website and check the master-piece.

Once the web developement stage has been completed, we initiate A/B testing to ensure the website functions and achieves your brand and business goals. You will be the first to pilot the website and check the master-piece.

Our Web Design & Development services ensures that each website is supported on cross-platforms. This includes cross-browser compatibility.
We're creative and provide you with ideas that would even have Einstein trying to figure it out. We love bringing new ideas !
We ensure all our Web Design & Web Development services offer a fully-responsive web design so that you can maximise your exposure and be accessed on the go!
Lighting Speed! We ensure that our web designer services are complemented with 1 Year Free Cloud Hosting to Improve your SEO, UX Experience & Speed!
Our SEO Dubai Team are renowned SEO Experts who deliver exceptional high Calibre optimization to get you to the No.1 spot on Google.
Guaranteed increase of your website sales
We Drive and Rocket sales in any industry, attract the right customers and run-advanced campaigns.
Mobile-Oriented  PPC Campaigns
Responsive Ads
Build a Brand, Optimize your Social Pages. We drive major traffic on all Social Platforms and build a strong social residual presence online for the Big Names.
Social Media Optimization

We mould and craft lucrative, tailored and bespoke web designs to not just build you a stunning website but to build a Brand. We 'Crown' brands online with our Professional web designers and branding experts. 

Building a website is at times a challenges, with our dedicated years to our craft, we have simplified the process and made it as fluid and concise as possible. We do all the enquiry and construct your ideas into real life business operations no matter how complicated or retro you need the website functions. 


Search Engine Optimization is at the fore-front to any website success. One of the key ingredients is having a web design that stimulates engagement, value and information that aids customers in making an informative decision on your brand, service or product. Thereafter, it is about being recognised and exposed to your end-users. With a carefully selected SEO team; with a combined experience of 9 years in the winning SEO field, you can be confident that we deliver on of the highest ROI in the region.



Whether it's Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Snapchat. We're Social and we love to lead by example. It's predicted that in 2016-17, the majority of all sales of services and products will be on Social Media. The growing trend for these services are key to growth for your Brand. We focus on firstly optimizing your Social Media platforms to adjust them so they are aligned with your brand image and ethos. We then find out your ideas and 'voice'; we then initiate maximum exposure to drive traffic, engagement, subscribers leads and conversions for your website/business

rocket-big-grey-bg@2xSTART-UP BUSINESS SERVICE


We're proud to be the first to offer a digital marketing solutions to start-ups. We know that it is challenging starting up and that huge costs can be incurred and sometimes it doesn't always go to plan. Which is why we have packaged exclusive packages for start-ups. All you do is find out what service you want, select the instalment plan and reap the benefits today. Start-now and pay later*.  

How does it work? How do I qualify?                   Does it cost more?

How does it work?

If you quality for this digital service, please request a quote from our online form and we will get back to you shortly with options available to you.

How do I qualify?                  

You will need to be a start-up or SME (Small Medium Enterprise). Your total services investments must be a total of 25,000AED minimum to qualify.

Does it cost more?

There are no additional charges or fees for using our monthly-instalment plan. It is designed to assist new start-ups & SMEs get on their feet.




As you have already realised, we're a very social active Digital brand; as we love being ahead of the 'curve'. One of the Social Media services that we offer is Snapchat Marketing. Get your Brand's very own Geo-Filter, discover the power of Snapchat to increase sales! We provide a Snapchat Social Media marketing service right here in Dubai, UAE.

What is Snapchat Marketing? Does it work? Should I use it?

What is Snapchat Marketing?

Snapchat Marketing is the promotion of your product/service on one of the world's biggest and fastest growing social platforms. We provide you with customized and tailored Geo-filters, Snapchat Marketing Plan & Training to promote your brand.  Snapchat provides It varies from your product/service. Snapchat overall brings some of the best ROI in sales/services. We will advise you what Social Media Marketing works best for your Brand, Product/Service.

Does it work?

Snapchat have over 10 Billion daily views. Snapchat has more users than Twitter, Pinterest & Linkedin. Snapchat grew as much in1  year as did Twitter in 4 years combined. Snapchat marketing is where the current 'curve' is. Prominent brands and SME are making use of the ever-grwoing platform to market their products and services. 

Should I use it?

Snapchat Marketing is where the current 'curve' is in the Digital world. With over 10 Billion daily views on a single platform and Snapchat growing fastester than Twitter in 4 years combined, it is evident that Snapchat is where prominent companies, brands and individuals are marketing their products/services.